Statement from Waypoint regarding Ministry of Labour Report
Statement from Waypoint regarding Ministry of Labour Report
Posted on 04/18/2016

The Ministry of Labour completed its field visit at Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care on Thursday April 14, 2016.  This visit began on Wednesday April 6, 2016 following the April 5 incident involving a patient and staff in the high secure provincial forensic mental health programs.  We are able to report that much of the required work was already underway based on our own efforts to respond.


We are not minimizing the seriousness of the incident and deeply regret that it occurred. We are appreciative of the support shown to our staff and patients throughout this time.


The hospital did receive four orders as part of the April 14 report received at the conclusion of the field visit yesterday.


Two orders have deadlines for April 29, 2016. One order requires the hospital to formalize in policy a written direction from June of 2015 regarding safety pens and pencils. The other order with this deadline requires adherence to an established procedure controlling the door that allows access to the nurse’s station.


A third order requires the re-assessment of the risk of workplace violence related to items that can be used as weapons and is due by June 3, 2016. Waypoint conducts an annual workplace violence risk assessment and this will be included as part of that process to meet the deadline. The fourth order is to review and revise the written measures and procedures for the operation of the Vocational Services, due June 30, 2016.


On April 11 the hospital had also received a field visit report which included a formal stop work order for the vocational services area in the Atrium Building. This area had already been closed by the hospital since the April 5 incident. One order was also part of the April 11 report and requires written measures and procedures for securing tools and other items in Vocational Services. This is well underway as part of the order above for written measures and procedures for this area.


As with all past orders the hospital will respond to these Ministry of Labour orders as required.  In addition to the Ministry of Labour visit, a full internal investigation began right after the incident involving debriefings with staff, leaders and patients and this evaluation and follow up will also help to prevent similar situations.


With this and all incidents, we are committed to working collectively to make improvements that support the health and safety needs of everyone. Extensive safety measures and processes exist across our programs and we are continuously evaluating them and looking for ways to prevent unfortunate incidents like these. All health and safety issues are a priority and as noted by the Ministry of Labour multiple supports are  in place, including a joint Health and Safety Committee of staff and management, two Health and Safety Coordinators and an internal incident reporting computer system for reporting, reviewing and developing strategies to mitigate hazards, incidents or other concerns.


As a hospital we respect the privacy needs of our patients and staff and their families, support any investigations in progress and are committed to reducing the stigma associated with mental illness. Our focus during this and past incidents is on supporting and caring for our patients and staff, and working with them to take necessary action to address safety issues.