Bullying – A Reference list for clients and families


Videos on Bullying


Shane Koyczan




Shane Koyczan is a spoken word artist.  Shane’s spoken word poems deal with what it is like to be bullied.


Trisha Prabhu


Rethink before you type- This is a TED Talk given by a teenaged woman with an idea about how to prevent cyber bullying with a message of “think before you post something”.


Bullying and Teens


It’s A Teens World


This is a great resource for teens to explore, take quizzes and learn about bullying from a teenagers perspective.  This deals with pressures of sex and sexuality in a teenager’s life. 


Kids Help Phone


This website provides information directed towards teens about what a bully looks like, how to seek out help when being bullied and additional resources.  Along with that it tells you how you can react if you are a witness of bullying


My Gay Straight Alliance


This is a website explaining how to create a gay straight alliance in your own school to help create a positive school space.  This is a group that helps foster respect for everyone including sexual identity, gender identity, religion and socio-economic status.




This is part of the prevent.ca website has a direct focus on how to deal with bullying from a teens perspective.


Bullying Support


Bullying Canada


This is a website that allows individuals to talk with people online about bullying.  Just visit the website and click on the Live Chat Button.  You can also call a toll free number.

Phone Toll-Free: 1-877-352-4497


Kids Help Phone


Feel free to talk to someone from the Kids Help Phone. They can provide a counsellor you can talk with either by phone or you can live chat with a counsellor from Wednesday thru Sundays online.

Phone Toll-Free: - 1-800-668-6868


Royal Canadian Mounted Police


This is a website that explains what bullying is, what cyber-bullying is as well as the impacts of bullying on individuals.  It also explains about bullying and the law. 


The Red Cross


This is the Red Cross website that deals with violence, bullying and abuse prevention.  It has information on violence, bullying, cyber bullying and abuse.  It also provides information on what to do and where you can get help.






This website has an extensive list of many popular websites and how to contact them if you have been bullied on their websites. This website also provides resources specific to teens when dealing with cyber-bullying.


Get Cyber Safe



This website provides information about what you can do if you are being cyber-bullied. It also provides a list of other resources as well as information on the legal consequences of cyber-bullying.


Kids Help Phone


This website provides information about who to reach out to and what to do if you are being bullied.  As well you can always call the kids help phone at 1800-668-6868.


Need Help Now


Learn how to remove unwanted pictures of yourself from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube (videos), Google and other websites.




This site is set up for teenagers and cyber-bullying


Tweet Sweet



This is a positive social media campaign that promotes positive messages on twitter. The site also has helpful links to other resources.

Workplace Bullying


Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety


This website gives information about what workplace bullying is and things that your employer can do as well as the person being bullied.


Canada Safety Council


This Canada Safety Council Website explains steps that you can take if you are being bullied in the workplace.


Metro UK


This article documents what it is like to be bullied in the workplace It is a personal account and shares some suggestions at the end of the article as to what to do if you are being bullied in the workplace.


Resources for Allies


Ontario Secondary School Teacher Federation


This is a list of resources for allies (primarily teachers).  A lot of the resources talk about how to create an atmosphere that does not include bullying.




This is a website with information for teens, children, parents and educators.


Simcoe County District School Board – Parent resources