OSAP and Bursaries for students with disabilities
OSAP and Bursary for Students with Disabilities – A Reference list for clients and families

Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD)

Ontario Student Assistance Program, or OSAP for short, not only provides students loans but also there are opportunities for students to apply for bursaries through OSAP. Bursaries are money given to students that they do not have to pay back. The grant that involves students with mental health concerns is called the Bursary for Students with Disabilities or BSWD for short.

The BSWD can provide students with up to $2000 annually. Students with mental health concerns are eligible for this $2000 bursary. There are conditions that need to be addressed in order to receive the bursary.
    1. Must qualify for OSAP funding
    2. Receive written recommendation of services by a disability advisor at your school
    3. Documentation from your physician in regards to the disability.

Connecting with Disability Advisor at College/University
It is important to have contact with a disability advisor with your post-secondary institution. This person can help you make deadlines as well as inform you on the documentation you need. The above link provides you with the form to fill out with the help of a disability advisor.

Information on Additional Bursaries and Grants
If you think you may qualify for additional bursary or grant funding visit the above websites

Interest Relief and Debt Reduction for Individuals with Disabilities
If you are struggling with paying back your student loan there are also options for individuals with disabilities. Interest relief or debt reduction is available for individuals who qualify.
If you think you may qualify visit the above website for more information