Recognizing a service that supported inclusiveness and belonging
Recognizing a service that supported inclusiveness and belonging
Posted on 09/30/2016
On Friday Sept. 30, the Waypoint bus will make its last trip. Farewell to the Waypoint Bus

Since 1993 hundreds of patients, clients and other community members rode the MHCP/Waypoint bus as the only bus service in Penetanguishene. Advocated for by mental health centre staff, patients, family members and community stakeholders, the bus service filled a gap in local transportation services. With the new joint Midland/Penetanguishene Transit service now available with a stop at the Waypoint Penetanguishene campus, the hospital discontinued its service at the end of September.

“I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the Mental Health Centre Penetanguishene, Waypoint and the team of bus drivers, on behalf of the community and the Town,” said Mayor Gerry Marshall. “The MHCP/ Waypoint bus played an integral role in our communities.”

Waypoint Board Chair Betty Valentine echoes her thanks to the hospital Transportation Services staff noting that the bus was valued by both patients and staff at Waypoint. “The care and compassion of our bus drivers for everyone who rode the bus is a shining example of the good things that happen at Waypoint. It’s never easy to see something come to an end so hearing words of thanks from the community is so appreciated.”

Mental Illness Awareness Week is a fitting time to showcase the advocacy work behind the service, ensuring patients had access to their community for appointments, shopping, work, job interviews, entertainment and other regular activities. It’s also fitting to thank the former MHCP leadership for the hospital’s willingness to fill a local gap and the MHCP Volunteer Association for contributing $10,000 to buy the first bus.

“MHCP’s vision to offer this service to our community will always be a reminder that great communities are built by the generosity and dedication of organizations and individuals who lead by example,” noted Mayor Marshall. “Thank you again to the bus drivers and the hospital for the care and support of the hundreds of people who used the bus throughout the years.”

For information on the Midland/Penetanguishene transit, please visit:

Town of Midland website
Town of Penetanguishene website