Moving forward on our Clinical Services Plan
Moving forward on our Clinical Services Plan
Posted on 06/27/2017
Moving forward on our Clinical Services Plan

When Waypoint implemented a new model for our outpatient mental health programs last year, it marked the completion of another major milestone in the 2012-2017 Clinical Services Plan. The goal was to unify the services into a comprehensive, accessible and sustainable model that is integrated within the regional system of care; and to ease our patients’ transition from inpatient to outpatient care in an effort to reduce readmissions and improve access to clinicians after discharge from hospital.

The new model now offers outpatient clients three broad streams of clinical services to better support referring care providers and Waypoint’s Central Intake staff in identifying appropriate services. 

Outpatient Services Team
The three streams include a community consultation service in the areas of geriatric, dual diagnosis, youth and general outreach; outpatient assessment and treatment services that are closely linked with primary care for short-term treatment and longer-term low intensity treatment; and a mobile treatment and support team for high-intensity, mobile regional outreach.

Another major focus of the Clinical Services Plan was the transition to the new state-of-the-art Atrium Building that opened three years ago. The new therapeutic environment is bright and airy with dedicated space for group therapy, visiting spaces, a spiritual centre and recreation and vocational centres. 
Nikki Van Berkel, Monica Murphy and Ruth Cameron from Outpatient Services settling into their new offices and planning for the future  

After providing top quality care in an antiquated building for more than 80 years, moving to a building that is fully integrated with the latest technology has presented many benefits, and a few challenges. Working together with our staff, unions and the Joint Health and Safety Committee, more than 95 per cent of the issues identified have been resolved.

With the original five-year Clinical Services Plan coming to an end in 2017, and many of the 17 proposed service development initiatives either completed or in progress, a refresh of the plan is underway to take us into the future. It includes a review of the four foundational themes; alignment with the current planning environment at the hospital, LHIN, provincial and federal levels; a review of peer hospital practices; and an examination our own data, including five year trends.
A steering committee was formed and we actively engaged our front-line staff, physicians, managers, professional practice, research and academics, the Patient/Client and Family Council and our community partners in the process. The new four-year plan is expected to be completed and approved this summer/fall.

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