Waypoint Code of Conduct
Living the promise

We commit to treating each other in a manner that reflects Waypoint's organizational values of caring, respect, accountability and innovation.

We will adhere to the stated policies of our faith-based organization and the standards of practice of professional colleges and organizations as required.

We will be understanding, compassionate and courteous in all of our actions and be driven by the spirit of reciprocity.

Waypoint's new code of conduct was adopted in April 2015 and is built on input from staff and stakeholders.

Living the Promise, Waypoint Values in Action

reflects a safe and respectful workplace which supports excellence in mental health care.


Key Standards of Behavior

   * I will treat others as I would like to be treated, while understanding that all individuals are unique and have different needs.

   * I will perform my duties with a sensitive regard for the effects of my behavior on others and express appreciation and
     gratitude appropriately.

   * I will seek to perform acts of kindness and always behave in a collegial and courteous manner.

   * I will earn others trust by following up on commitments, anticipating needs, and striving to exceed expectations.


Key Standards of Behaviour

Fair Treatment
   * I will be non judgmental toward others and behave in a manner that is free from bias, false assumptions and stereotypes.

   * I understand that all work has value, and will consider my colleagues and those we serve important, worthy of honesty and

   * I will listen actively and communicate (verbally and non-verbally) in a courteous, respectful and professional manner.

   * I will support a safe, positive, healthy and respectful workplace which is free of violence and all forms of harassment,
     bullying and discrimination.


Key Standards of Behaviour

   * I will display competence in my profession while committing to continuous improvement.

Ethical Decisions
   * I will understand the importance of ethics in my decision making process and obtain ethical guidance as required.

   * I will accept responsibility for my own actions and decisions and ask for support when needed.

Organizational Efficiency
   * I will work in an efficient, cost effective manner and will safeguard all Waypoint property* appropriately. *Includes
     intellectual property, Waypoint premises, assets, facilities, equipment, supplies and services.


Key Standards of Behaviour

   * I will actively seek learning opportunities to enhance my work and professional practice.

   * I will seek the knowledge and expertise of others and pursue productive partnerships in my work.

   * I will embrace change and foster support for the hospital's ongoing growth and evolution.

   * I will be a proactive team member and take initiative while considering the needs of others.

We will embed this promise