First Nations, Métis, Inuit (FNMI) – A Reference list for clients and families

This link provides information on programs for FNMI individuals that include community outreach, dietician, mental health and addictions, traditional healing, health promotion, mental health walk in, primary care, telemedicine and physiotherapy.
Phone Number: 705-527-4154

Georgian Bay Native Friendship Centre
This link provides information on many FMNI programs as well as for FMNI youth programs that include Wasa-Nabin which is a program to help at risk youth 13-18 as well as the seven fires classroom.
Phone Number: 705-526-5589 (ext. 223, Wasa-Nabin) (ext.229, Youth employment) (222, Empowering our Youth)

Metis Nation
A service found in Midland that includes healing and wellness programs as well as education and training.
Phone Number: 705-527-1228.

Located just outside of Victoria Harbour is a healing lodge and health centre. It provides services such as counselling, addictions, family programs and sweat lodges.
Phone Number: 705-534-3724

Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle
This is a website that looks at courses for cultural awareness training. There is also information on their family wellness service.
Phone Number: 705-734-1818

Barrie Native Friendship Centre
This link provides information on the Barrie Native Friendship Centre’s Wasa-Nabin program which is a program to help at risk FNMI youth from the ages of 13-18.
Phone Number: 705-721-7689

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Office
Information about financial services and support for post-secondary school FNMI students.
Phone Number: 416-973-6234