Learning Disabilities Resources for Youth
Learning Disabilities – A Reference list for clients and families 

Ability Online


Ability Online provides the opportunity to connect online with other individuals with disabilities in hopes of creating a supportive community and a place to share success and struggles.


Child Development Institute


This website has explanation and resources for LDMH (Learning Disability Mental Health).  Provides brochures with explanation of what LD is and how common it is.  It also provides tip sheets, webinars and videos.


Friends of Quinn


This website that touches on the personal story of a male with LD named Quinn.  Quinn has a blog and it is also a place where you can learn what LD’s are, being a young adult with an LD and information for adult allies.


LD Online


LD Online provides a large amount of details about LD.  It describes many different types of LD, problems with social skills as well as how to transition into post-secondary and thrive in post-secondary education.


Learning Disability Association of Ontario


This website provides information about different types of LD as well as explaining common signs of LD and how to find out if you have one.  This website has a vast list of resources for youth, educators and parents.  Youth and their parents can also do online workshops to better understand LD.


Ministry of Community and Social Services


This is a website that shows how and when you can receive financial support through the Ontario Disability Support Program.  It also provides information on employment supports, helping you find and keep a job and be successful in it.


Ministry of Training, Colleges and University


This website provides information about what you can do for yourself when you have a learning disability and are about to become an apprentice or attend College or University.  It talks about potential in help in tuition, who you should talk to before attending, and what your responsibilities are as a student


National Education Association of Disabled Students


Find out information about contacting Universities and Colleges in regards to your LD, how to transition out of high school, help with applying to financial aid and connecting with community groups at post-secondary institutions.


Social Justice Tribunal Ontario


This website is a place to find out more about your rights and what you can do if you think your human rights have been violated because of an LD.  This can be at school or in a work place situation.


Youth 2 Youth


A website developed by young people with LD for young people with LD with a focus on post-secondary life.  The website provides blogs and videos, as well as skills and tips of how to navigate a post-secondary institution with an LD.