Transforming mental health care with an electronic health record
Transforming mental health care with an electronic health record

Electronic health record command centre

We live in a digital age where just about everyone seems to have some sort of smartphone, tablet or computer; and the way we communicate with each other, do business and provide care is transforming.

At Waypoint we are proud to be following along on this journey with the implementation of an electronic health record (EHR) that will allow us to improve the clinical care we provide. It’s been years in the making, but our patients are now starting to experience the benefits of our investment.

Implementation on our regional programs is now complete, and by all accounts it was a success. This is due in large part to the careful planning and execution of the training, and the commitment of our staff throughout the process. And while this phased approach has taken a little longer, the learnings from launching in only one area of our hospital has helped to make improvements as we go forward. Our partnership with Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences has also played a huge part in our achievement. Their teachings and support have been invaluable.

Phase two got underway on April 25th and the third phase begins in May, when our Outpatient  services staff will begin to use the electronic record. The technology is enabling Waypoint to put patients at the centre of the system. We’re already seeing a reduction in the need for patients to repeat their clinical history, and the elimination of duplicate charting. Our clinicians are also reporting reduced admission times and appreciating the value of real-time access to patient information in one place on one screen. 

From the beginning our vision for this project was to use today’s technology to improve quality and safety for patients and staff through a collaborative and interactive experience. This has been accomplished. Waypoint would like to thank everyone who has travelled along with us on this journey, including our patients, their families, our staff and donors. This investment is helping us to advance understanding and improve lives.