Ray Millar
Ray MillarRay Millar, Director

After having served four years as a Member of Waypoint’s Community Leaders Forum and Mayor of the Township of Tiny, Ray was inspired to seek a position on Waypoint’s Board of Directors and was appointed to the Board in June of 2017.  

Ray is a Firefighter with the City of Toronto and often attends to those in the midst of a mental health crisis. As a result of his experiences, Ray has developed a keen interest in the social determinants of physical and mental health.  

A Certified Municipal Manager (CMM III) and a member of the Society of Ontario Adjudicators & Regulators, Ray has completed studies in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Adjudication at York University and Osgoode Hall Law School.  Ray currently serves as a Facilitator and is the Past Chair of FACE, a restorative justice program offering an alternative to Youth and Adult Court for those who have come into conflict with the law and with each other.  He also serves as Chair of Tiny Township’s Community Policing Committee. Ray is an inter-provincially licensed carpenter with an extensive background in home building, land development and real estate.