A Message to our community
A message to our community
Posted on 08/28/2014
Our investigation of the patient elopement last Saturday is continuing and our focus at this time is on supporting our patients and staff, conducting a full investigation and ensuring precautions are in place for public safety.

We are monitoring the media coverage of this event and would like to provide our community with an apology. We agree that the patient elopement from our secure provincial facility should not have happened and we take full responsibility for this unfortunate event. We sincerely regret the anxieties this event created and apologize to the community, staff, patients and stakeholders for the concern and challenges this has caused.

We continue to commend our staff and the OPP for working together in achieving a quick and successful resolution in a very short time. We want to reinforce that efforts to keep track of the patient’s whereabouts, along with the quick response meant the patient was detained within two hours just off hospital property, without a risk to the community.

This is being treated as a critical incident, and investigation and remediation is a priority. The steps we are taking include:
  • a full review of our systems as part of our investigation including a commitment to engage staff and
   review past feedback
  • consultation with external security and critical incident experts
  • an open and transparent process
  • working with all stakeholders to understand our hospital’s role in the treatment of mental illness
   while reducing stigma and ensuring quality clinical care

We are committed to continuing to improve safety and security systems, within our focus of providing and improving the quality of clinical care for our patients. We will continue to provide updates and report the actions we will take to all members of the Waypoint communities we serve.

Our focus since we began operational readiness and planning for the move into our building two years ago has been on rectifying the challenges of a new environment and technology with patient and staff safety as a priority. We are confident this can be realized within the vision of the new therapeutic patient care environment we have designed for our patients and their families.

Carol Lambie, President and CEO