Doris Shirriff receives prestigious Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario Living the Mission Award
Doris Shirriff receives prestigious Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario Living the Mission Award
Posted on 07/18/2017
Doris Shirriff receives prestigious Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario Living the Mission Award

Doris Shirriff’s 55 years of service both as a health care professional and volunteer was recognized on June 26, 2017 when she received the Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario (CHSO) Living the Mission annual award.

Doris Shirriff receiving the CHSO Award 
Carol Lambie, Waypoint president and CEO, Doris Shirriff, Waypoint Board Member (Retired)
and Sister Sarah Quackenbush, csj, CHSO

Recipients of the Living the Mission award embody the CHSO mission, vision and values, and inspire and mentor others helping to form a new generation of health care leaders. They also demonstrate a commitment to performance excellence and high quality program and service delivery, as well as embrace collaboration to create a high quality integrated health system. 

“The impact Doris has had on the community and everyone who was a patient, volunteer, family member and staff at the Penetanguishene General Hospital is part of the town’s history,” notes Carol Lambie, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care President and CEO and past CEO of the Penetanguishene hospital. “This Mission award recognizes her lifetime achievement as a community leader, her dedication to serving the most vulnerable and is well deserved. After she retired as the hospital’s CEO, she remained active as a volunteer and board member, and continued as a Waypoint board member until this June, serving nine years on our board.”

Throughout her 41 year career at the Penetanguishene hospital Doris educated and mentored hundreds of staff, and the efforts she made to ensure healing and comfort to those most vulnerable impacted thousands of patients and family members locally.  At Waypoint she co-chaired the Ethics Committee where the decisions she helped to guide directly impact hundreds of hospital patients seeking compassionate and high quality treatment and care. 

“Across Ontario Doris is recognized as a leader in Catholic health care and for mentoring others to also be great leaders,” says Betty Valentine, past chair of the Waypoint board.  “She is a trained facilitator who continued to lead mission and values discussions for the Waypoint board and has been called upon by others to provide this expertise. On behalf of the board I express our congratulations on this prestigious award and thank Doris for her ongoing dedication to supporting the most vulnerable.”