How Waypoint is responding to COVID-19
How Waypoint is responding to COVID-19
Posted on 07/08/2020

How Waypoint is responding to COVID-19


                            Infection Prevention and Control - COVID-19
COVID-19 Information for patients and visitors
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We are closely monitoring the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation and are taking immediate precautions to ensure patients, staff and the broader community are safe, and preserve vital medical supplies and equipment.

At this time, we are planning for the gradual re-introduction of visitors to the hospital. Our approach will be evaluated regularly to reflect the changing presence of COVID-19 in the local environment, PPE availability and safety protocols in consideration of the congregate care setting at Waypoint. Given the importance of connectedness to family, friends and community, we remain committed to continue using technology to enable virtual visits currently in place.

Safety precautions in place at the hospital include:

  * a well-established Infection Prevention and Control team with experience
     in successfully managing outbreaks

  * screening everyone for symptoms of illness
  * isolating and testing all new admissions
  * using virtual technology and telephone for outpatient and community
  * adhering to public health directives and recommendations on use of
     personal protective equipment, hand hygiene, and physical distancing
  * additional housekeeping throughout our buildings
  * creation of a dedicated unit to care for suspect or positive cases of
  * enabling staff to work from home to reduce the traffic in and out of
     the hospital
  * regular communications with staff, patients, families, stakeholders,
     partners and donors

Only surgical/procedural masks are allowed at the hospital. Homemade or external masks are not permitted as we cannot ensure the quality, cleanliness or use of proper hygiene practices for these products which if not done correctly can pose added risk to patients and staff.

Isolation Unit Team in PPE
 The team ready to care for patients in the Isolation Unit


What is social distancing?
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