Waypoint Board Chair says thanks
Waypoint Board Chair says thanks
Posted on 01/15/2016
Betty ValentineI always get a little excited for the future at this time of year. A new year brings with it a blank slate to create your future. But this year, I’m also feeling a little nostalgic and reflecting on the past. It’s been eight years since I joined the board of directors at Waypoint, then MHCP, and it has been an exhilarating journey. At the time, the hospital was newly divested from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and was about to undertake a major redevelopment project. We had also become a public hospital and a charity, launching us into the world of fundraising. This transformation was not only significant for the hospital, but for the surrounding community as well. After over 100 years of being operated by the government, Waypoint was re-inventing itself.

As I reflect on the changes and challenges of these eight years, I am struck by three things: how the hospital’s heart has always been in the right place, how we all live by our values, and how collaborative everyone, including the board, has been in moving the hospital forward.

From the outside, hospitals sometimes seem to glide effortlessly, but those of us on the board know the reality is quite different. Our story began with John Barrett-Hamilton as the first board chair. John’s strategic leadership and communications efforts helped ensure MHCP was off to a great start with the recruitment of a well-experienced board dedicated to health care. He was followed in this role by John McCullough, who brought with him vast experience in board governance as the former Chair of the Board of Governors for Georgian College and the founding Chair of the Simcoe County Board of Education.

As I followed in their footsteps, I knew I had big shoes to fill. I have learned so much from my board colleagues over the years, all of them committed and engaged in the work at Waypoint. We don’t often say thank you to the volunteers who dedicate several hours a month to good governance for this hospital, so as we all work toward realizing those New Year’s resolutions, I’m committing to doing just that.

I’d like to say thank you to all past and present board members at Waypoint. Thank you for your time and talent in leading this organization. Thank you for your diligence in asking the tough questions, being courageous enough to have the difficult conversations, and for your accountability to the experience and voice of the people we serve. As we head into another exciting year at Waypoint, I am excited for all of us to renew our commitment to the hard, but rewarding work involved.

A simple thank you seems inadequate, but please know your contribution is having a positive, impact at Waypoint.

Waypoint Board of Directors
Roger Robitaille, Vice-Chair
Catharine Bayles
Adam Chambers
Dr. Edward Connors
Fred Flood
John McCullough
Jennifer Rodgers
Tracey Rynard
Doris Shirriff
Tony Vipond
Christa Wessel