Patient/Client and Family Council Services

Patient/Client & Family Council Services

Support/Advocacy Services to clients, patients and their families

  • Provide information, resources and education
  • Assist with system navigation

  • Provide individual advocacy on behalf of clients to Waypoint staff
Consultation Services to Waypoint
  • Representing the Client perspective on relevant committees
  • Providing education on the positive impact of peer support and recovery principles
  • Assisting in the development of client participation in hospital policy
  • Partcipating in the development of Waypoint policies, systems & procedures that affect the patient's day to day life 

Fee for Service client employment services

  • Hairdressing Assistant,
  • Mail Delivery Services,
  • Cafe Cook,
  • Facillitation Services


Peer Support Services
  • Formal Peer Support
  • Informal Peer Support


Peer Support

A mutually beneficial relationship between people with similar histories that empowers individuals to consider options, set goals and make changes that enhance their lives. 

Our Peer Supporters have experienced their own mental health challenges and are living examples of courage and recovery.

Meet Our Peer Supporters