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Voice of HOPE March 2016

Our focus for the Spring 2016 Edition of the Voice of HOPE is on Mindfulness & Music

Bang-up-to-Date from the PCFC
How music has enhanced our lives
The Groove
New Midland/Penetanguishene Transit/Bus Access & Schedule
Music & Mental Health
Fundraising Dinner
Peer Profile - Stephen Lindow
Mindfulness - Drs. Karagianis & Federici
We Remember the Beat
Career Connections
Music is my Special Friend
Mindfulness Through Colouring
My Journey with Kenny by my Side
What I have to say...
Stonechild con't
Poetry of a Sad man
Music Word Scramble
Momisms & Dadisms
It Happened in Canada
Shamrocks & Leprechauns
Mindfulness & Music Resources

Voice of HOPE December 2015

Our focus for the Winter 2015 Edition of the Voice of HOPE is on ISOLATION


Patient/Client & Family Council Luncheon
Practicing Self Care Over the Holidays
Be Kind to Everyone You Meet - Glenn A. Robitaille
Community Dance another Great Success - Merry Christmas Everyone
Employment Training Programs & Career Connections
Isolation vs. Ostracism - Family Perspective
Story of the "Stonechild" Ojibwa Child - Peer Story
Ontario Passes Police Record Checks Legislation with Help from OAPC
Isolation - Dr. Jamie Karagianis
After the Asylum Event - You're Invited
Intentional Peer Support - Seeking Stories
Charles Schulz Philosophy
Your Life is Not the Only Life your Living Depends On
It All Counts - Passive Participation - Debra Nicholson
Ontario Investing in 1000 Supportive Housing Units

 Voice of HOPE June 2015

Our focus for the Summer 2015 Edition of the Voice of HOPE is on YOUTH

 Council Corner - Yvette Brook
 Youth Engagement
 The Peanut Gallery - Jacki Nadon
TIP Model for Youth
 What constitutes individual rights and freedoms? - Dr. Jamie Karagianis
 The Next Door
Human Rights Mural
Beanie's Blog
Jack.org at Waypoint
LGBT Facts & Figures
LGBT Resources
LGBT Youth Connection
It Happened in Canada
Accreditation Information for Patients, Clients & Families
Agency Profile: Family Mental Health Initiative

Voice of HOPE March 2015

Our focus for the Spring 2015 Edition of the Voice of HOPE is on ADDICTIONS


Gambling: Fact or Myth?

What is Harm Reduction?

Addiction - Dr. Jamie Karagianis

Peer Profile: Hello, My name is Vince

Beanie's Blog

Nicotine: A Hard Habit to Break

It Happened in Canada

History of the Royal Canadian Navy
Agency Profile: Georgianwood