Research & Academics
The Waypoint Research and Academics Division was established in 2010 to: 
  1. Provide strategic leadership at Waypoint with respect to research and academic affairs
  2. Promote and facilitate high quality research at Waypoint
  3. Promote Waypoint in its role as an Academic Health Science Centre
  4. Facilitate partnerships with local, regional, provincial and national universities, colleges and other academic health facilities and agencies   

The Division is comprised of two components, namely: the Research and Academics Office, and the Waypoint Research Institute. 

The Research and Academics Office provides support to researchers, both internal and external to Waypoint, who wish to conduct research at Waypoint.  The office responds to enquiries from researchers regarding research at Waypoint, assists with the research project application process and with the completion of application forms.  The office is responsible for monitoring and overseeing all research and academic activity at Waypoint.

The establishment of the Waypoint Research Institute was formally announced on June 21, 2013.  The Institute is comprised of research programs in four theme areas, namely: Risk Factors and Assessment, Treatment and Transitions, Knowledge Translation, and Policy.

Waypoint (and the former Mental Health Centre Penetanguishene) have a long and illustrious history in research.  Research conducted by the former Research Department (1975-2012) has received international acclaim.  See “History of Research at Waypoint” by following link to left of this page.  The high impact work of the Research Department on Risk Assessment will carry on in the new research program “Risk Factors and Assessment.”

New research programs in “Knowledge Translation” and “Treatment and Transitions” are in their formative stages.  Our research program on “Policy” is slated for later implementation.