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What we offer
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Great Company CultureWe offer Great Company Culture
Under a promise of Advancing Understanding. Improving Lives., Waypoint is a fully accredited hospital. We value our employees and strive for a quality workplace environment providing lifelong learning, growth and well-being.

Our work is guided by our Strategic Plan and our Clinical Services Plan that focuses on the ideal patient experience. 

The hospital is recognized for its leadership in forensic mental health services and provides the province's only high secure forensic mental health program for patients requiring mental health treatment and care who have come into conflict with the law. 

We are recognized for the provision of exceptional care to those most needing mental health services in the region and province, research of severe behaviours associated with mental illness and for our contributions to the understanding of mental illness. 

Waypoint is committed to a comprehensive research and academics strategy which is moving us forward in knowledge translation and best practice implementation. 

Our Mission
We are a Catholic hospital committed to providing excellence in specialized mental health and addictions services grounded in research and education and guided by faith-based values. 

Our Vision
As an inspired organization, we will change lives by leading the advancement and delivery of compassionate care. 

Our Values
Caring, Respect, Innovation, Accountability

Career Advancement Opportunities and learning
As the area's largest employer with 1,200 employees, Waypoint offers career rewarding full-time and part-time positions in more than 20 programs and service areas. We offer a variety of educational opportunities, access to a mentorship program, regular e-learning and invitations to on-going corporate training and other knowledge exchange opportunities. All new employees receive comprehensive orientation. 

A Code of Conduct - Living the Promise, Waypoint Values in Action
Waypoint is committed to treating each other in a manner that reflects our organizational values of caring, respect, innovation and accountability. 

We will adhere to the stated policies of our faith-based organization and the standards of practice of professional colleges and organizations as required. 

We will be understanding, compassionate and courteous in all of our actions and be driven by the spirit of reciprocity. 

Code of Conduct - Living the Promise