Family and Community COVID-19 Update
Family and Community COVID-19 Update
Posted on 04/16/2021

Family and Community COVID-19 Update
April 16, 2021


The pandemic is having a significant impact on the healthcare system across the province. Hospitals are responding in different ways to help us get through this very challenging third wave of the virus. 

Waypoint has already started to support the system by taking mental health patients from other acute care hospitals to free up space. But we are trying to do more. 

Currently, all new patients are admitted to our isolation unit where they are tested for COVID-19, and kept in isolation for 14 days before being transferred to the appropriate program. To help free up space, some patients will now move to other units to complete their isolation period. These units will have all the precautions in place including personal protective equipment and safety measures, and will be well supported by our teams from the isolation unit, infection control and professional practice.

If system pressures press beyond what these units can manage, we have identified an area in our Bayfield Building where eight beds could be added. If these beds are needed, some patients from regional programs could be transferred to this unit. Patients, families and caregivers will be notified as soon as possible if this is to happen.

Over a year of living with COVID precautions and through three pandemic waves is taking its toll – on our communities, and on our patients and staff. Recreation programming continues on the units, as well as both indoor and outdoor walk programs. We know it is particularly challenging for newly admitted patients who need to be isolated for 14 days and our team is doing their best to provide activities and support while keeping everyone safe. 

Protocols to support off-unit programs and activities continue to be reviewed and updated so that once restrictions are reduced we can quickly resume basic services including recreation centre, gym, employment services, hair salon and the classroom. Please note that basic services may ramp up or be discontinued based on the necessary COVID-19 response.

While in-person visits are not permitted at this time, our teams are making every effort to facilitate video or telephone visits. If you would like to book a video or telephone visit, please speak with a member of the care team. 

Many staff and patients have been vaccinated and we are pleased to be able to vaccinate new patients on an ongoing basis. Thank you to everyone for supporting these vaccination efforts and for their diligence in adhering to infection control protocols. We continue to be inspired by our staff who rise to the challenge every day to provide exceptional mental health care to patients in these extraordinary circumstances. We will continue to do our part locally and provincially to get through this pandemic.

Resources for Families
Supports for families are available from our Spiritual Care Team, the Patient/Client and Family Council and the Patient Relations Office. More information can be found at the Patients and Families tab

Spiritual Care
Clinical Multifaith Chaplains and Traditional Healer
705-549-3181, ext. 2850

Patient/Client & Family Council
A peer-led organization committed to using personal experiences to improve mental health and addiction services
705-549-3181, ext. 2222

Patient Relations Office
Available to listen to your feedback, and work to answer your questions and resolve your concerns
705-549-3181, ext. 29